Thursday, October 14, 2010

Why you should go to church.

I've set up a lot of churches, with priests supplied, for your playing pleasure. When you go to church, you drasticly increase your chances of not finishing up in Hell. Unfortunately, other idiots offer the 'church experience' too. Mine are the Roman Catholic ones and are generally named after saints. Avoid all the others. Only come to mine.
The priests (I've supplied) will give sermons that will tell you how you should be living your life. Listen carefully. Like I said, if you get it wrong, you'll get a one way ticket to Hell when you expire.
There we are. No need to thank me. Well, actually, there is a need to thank me. You can do that while you're sitting in one of my churches.


  1. I love all my children. Sit quietly where ever you are; listen for my voice.

  2. Well, most of your children prefer me. Sod off, imposter!

  3. "In the end days you will hear of people impersonating Jesus." Repent.