Monday, August 6, 2012

The Newer Testament (Part I)

I've decided to write the third part of the Testament trilogy, the other two parts being The Old and The New.

1.1 Things are not all that they should be on planet Jasper (aka Earth). Too many people are getting fat and the youth are out of control. God thinks that we may need a new set of commandments, but where is Charlton Moses when you need him?
God will have to deliver His commandments to someone else, but this person will first have to prove himself.
1.2 God, The Father of all men, is thinking. Will He wipe out the existing population and start again? He decides to basically go with what He has got.
1.3 God decides to update His image. The beard is gone and He now wears a business suit. He is the CEO if the biggest corporation ever.
1.4 His Only Begotten Son will be taking a slightly different marketing approach too.


  1. If God looks like that, a lot of humans will try to impersonate him. Perhaps He should have two heads, like Zaphod Beeblebrox.

  2. Now GB, that's just being silly!

  3. I like you Mr G Bananas. You're a thinking kind of guy, like me.

  4. Very funny remarks Gorilla Bananas!