Thursday, December 14, 2017

Evolution disproved!

How old is this guy?
Well, let's be honest, no one talked about him when I was last on Earth (aka Jasper).
We had scientists back then and they understood a lot of stuff. Okay, the building of toilets near the water supply was not their brightest moment, but they also got a lot of things right.
One of my congregation has done research and says this,
"If the process of determining age is so unreliable then Dinosaurs could have lived into recorded history and lived alongside humans in the last 10,000 years."
Fact is, I sort of remember seeing them, and I have never been wrong.
Don't forget that The Flinstones were popular in the 1960s.

Fred Flinstone who lived 
in the age of dinosaurs.

Scientists work with guessing and they often seem to get it wrong.
When it comes to religion - Christianity, my religion - we give you proof, and lots of it.
It's all there to see and, if you don't buy our proof, you're off to Hell! Sorry but it is an incentive.

Hey, but don't believe me (a bit of a pun there), check out my follower Robert's blog where he gets more technical - Here.

As Robert says, "Evolutionists have it wrong so why is their doctrine still being taught to little children?"

I'm right with you Robert. Hey, and we have vacancies for atlar boys. Our priests like to have altar boys near. Real near.


  1. Confusing, sycophantic, badly researched and narcissistic. But then, that sums up Angry Jesus.

    If you want an informed, carefully researched, witty and up-to-date response to that claptrap that Robert wrote then read my next post.


  2. Don't be in too much of a hurry though as I'm on holiday for a few weeks and I can't be arsed writing about a subject that is so self evident (religion is rubbish - trust science) any sooner.

  3. thanks ajc and of course dinasaurs are in the bible under different names of cause since the word didnt exist until 1840 eg behemoth

  4. Gosh, maybe I'd better take a look into this.

  5. I'm chewin' the carrot. Might have a look at Bin's site.

  6. You see there was a word in Hebrew in the old testament that sounded like Yibenian that could mean dragon, whale, snake or jackel.
    It was confusing as this creature that lived in the river could be many.
    It could also be allegorical like the Emporer of Egypt.

  7. More like alligatorial like a fucking crocodile which they had in Egypt at that time.

  8. So now we have crocodiles in 4000 BC! Why not dinasaurs? As an expert on species please tell us when did crocodiles first evolve?

  9. Proof should be no problem obviously as you are an Evolutionist!

  10. "when did crocodiles first evolve?"

    245 million years ago.