Monday, December 4, 2017

Okay this blog should be all about me but... we take time to celebrate the Punishment of the Liar Friar.

Baxter receives a glorious reception on the first Liar Friar Day.
From now on I, Angry Jesus, declare that December 3rd will be known as Liar Friar Day and will be a public holiday for all pensioners.

The crowds cheer for Baxter, their hero.
(but they also obviously adore Angry Jesus)
On this day a bottle of Cleanskin Chardonnay will be given to every pensioner in the land.*
Let this Cleanskin be a symbol of our strength and faith in Angry Jesus (and his right hand man Baxter).
Never again will we fear the rants and ravings of The Curmudgeons Inc.

The Holy Commemerative Cleanskin.

Praise me, Angry Jesus, for being a just and all knowing God - and let a little bit of the glory shine on my man Baxter.

* for a small cost of $7


  1. "The lady doth protest too much, methinks."

  2. Come on TC, come and join in the fun. Let me pour you a Cleanskin. It's like a foreskin, only cleaner. Sorry about that but we've been celebrating for a while now. Us younger guys can go for longer than you elderly Curmudgeons.

  3. Cleanskin?
    That's a coincidence. The Wine Guy has written another post about that abomination.

  4. Okay, just checking how many fucks I give.